Born in England of Celtic descent, I grew up and was educated in Belgium. I emigrated to Calgary, Alberta at the age of 25 and moved to Vancouver Island in 2001, making my home on Gabriola Island in the fall of 2004.

Trained professionally as a classical ballet dancer, with a diploma in fashion design, I have taught basketry, published my own and others work, run the full gamut of administrative jobs, and had a sewing and knitting business.

Choosing for a while now to follow a simpler path as an Intuitive Counselor, I live and work in the solitude of nature, with rocks and trees to soothe my soul and the ocean to remind me of the rhythm of life. My work profoundly reflects this intimate relationship.

Recycled clothing, beads and yarn scraps. Broken jewelry, old buttons and castoff mementos. Twigs, pebbles, sea glass… my photography, poetry, handmade paper, embroidery, beadwork, all find their way into my finished pieces. And behind each piece is a story, always the story… Yet as an intuitive artist, I love it best when others bring their own interpretation to my work… the greatest compliment I’ve ever had is that I have the ability to create what most people don't dare feel.

FABRIC COLLAGE purses and landscape images take us on a sacred journey to places we have forgotten we long for.

INTRIGUING ABSTRACT mixed media paintings and collages ask us to remember how we feel about a place, rather than what it looks like.

SCULPTURES using natural forms evoke images of the tree spirits and water nymphs that may once have inhabited them.

SOFT SCULPTURES of voluptuous wave maidens, star ladies and moon goddesses remind us that inside each and every one of us there is (still) a wild spirit …dancing.

ART CARDSSoulSpeak” bring us back home again to who we are.

My Wish for My Art…
Lead us to places we’ve forgotten we knew,
remind us of how we felt there…
memories of an inner journey,
or somewhere we have all longed for,
sometime or other in our hearts.
Let the shapes that emerge within,
evoke images of the nature spirits
that once inhabited those places ~
May they remind us that inside
each and every one of us
there is (still) a wild spirit…dancing,
and may we finally find our way home again…
to who we really are.