Friday, 31 August 2012

Once in a Blue Moon ~ Wild Things Special Sale

In an effort to raise funds for my next Artist-in-Residence trip to the Lighthouse, I am offering a special price on my Wild Things and Wild Thingy's for this weekend:

"Once in a Blue Moon" 
Labour Day weekend only
Friday Aug 31 thru Monday Sept 3, 2012
Special Price on Wild Things and Wild Thingy’s
(Save $ 3.00)

Wild Things $ 20.00 incl S & H
Special Price:  $ 17.00 incl Shipping and Handline

Wild Thingy’s $ 15.00 incl $ & H
Special Price: $ 12.00 incl Shipping and Handling
anywhere in the world!


  1. Go to the Wild Things Tab at the top of the page
  2. Scroll through and choose the Wild Thing(s) and or Wild Thingy(s) that you want
  3. Make a note of the reference number(s) you want to order. PLEASE CHOOSE A SECOND CHOICE TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT (I will update sales page as quick as possible but it's a worldwide sale and I'm going to need a bit of sleep...)
  4. Email me the reference number(s) at with your name and shipping address. I will then confirm availability
  5. Use PayPay button to make the payment

  • Please contact me directly to save on the Shipping and Handling for multiple quantities
  • Items can also be drop shipped to another address at your request

  • Orders received by Sunday September 2nd will be processed immediate delivery
  • Orders received after Sunday September 2nd please allow 1 week for order processing

Wild Things and Thingys are shipped in padded envelopped, packaged in a clear plastic bag with a "By Shena" label with the message: because inside each and every one of us there is still a Wild Spirit ... dancing and includes their story: "Remembering who we are" as seen below...


Wild Things are made lovingly from predominently recycled materials ~ Wild Thingy's also... (who are simply Wild Things-in-Training but appear to get into just as much trouble...)


Remembering who we are

Their history is seeped in the dark recesses of time ~

They began life with their roots entwined with Mother Earth
and were nurtured as the sentinels of harmony and peace
amongst all living things ~

But humanity in time forgot all of its wisdom
and in its ignorance began to purge the Earth of its values ~
Until almost nothing remained ~

And so the Wild Things were sent forth
to intermingle amongst humans to nurture them
and remind them once more of
who they are deep down inside,
and to share with them an ancient and timeless remedy...
that of love, freedom and pure joy ~

For as we remember who we truly are,
wild spirits one and all,
our future as a human race and that of our Mother Earth
is destined to thrive ~

because inside each and every one of us there is still a
Wild Spirit ... dancing

Shena Meadowcroft & Tony Gibson
Copyright 2010

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Hanging out at the Clothesline Show

One of the greatest days of this summer was being a part of Coast Collective's "Clothesline" Show held on the eleven acres surrounding the Pendray House, where over 155 artists display year round  a wonderful, top quality, eclectic array of art. 

Overlooking the Esquimault Lagoon, which overlooks the Juan de Fuca Strait, I cannot imagine a better setting for an artist to show their work. Perfect weather, beautiful surroundings, soothing music, great people... and a wonderful selection of art... not to mention great food!

Art lined the avenue leaving up to the house. Hung on clothesline, laid out on tables, leaning against trees, laying on the ground...

People meandered through the displays, pausing to admire the work, chat to the artists and buying that special piece that caught their eye...

I delighted in having my work displayed outdoors, in a more natural environment that is usually is...

 And of course, my Wild Things! were having the best time of all...

 And this is my life?
I have to pinch myself on a daily basis to make sure that I am not dreaming...

But tough as it is...
I'm hanging in there...

Monday, 6 August 2012

Win a Wild Thingy!

I finished a reconstructed piece of clothing last night (my new adventure - tutorial forthcoming) The dress was originally long with spagetti straps and far too small for me but, being an artist, I could not resist the hand-painted design on the front (not to mention that this also has sent me off in a whole new direction...) It wasn't until this morning that I discovered the word "Cuba" written across the bottom above the hem. As this is part of my "Artist-in-Residence wardrobe" I thought I should come up with a clever and relevant (to me, about me, or as an artist) definition of what C.U.B.A could stand for...

With so much else to do, I thought I'd throw out the challenge to my blog readers and anyone else who gets to read this post, as well as those who see me wearing my tunic sometime over the next week or so during my residency (only one or two days... I do have others to wear, assuming they get finished...)

So, for a bit of fun - see what you can come up with:

C            Creative....  Cultural.... Categorically....   Cute...   C ??????????

(in the colour scheme of their choice)

The winner will be chosen on August 31st.

Help me out here... and wishing you the Best of Luck!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Take time to stop and smell the sweet peas...

The last four months have been a non-stop flurry of work: designing a new series of Fibre Art pieces called Glimpses, making vast quantities of Wild Things, planning class outlines, teaching at Arts Alive, writing and illustrating a children's book, putting together new show material, creating a new card line, painting and sewing to build up inventory, entering art shows, doing proposals for the Fall, and preparing for an Artist-in-Residence which begins next week, not to mention my ongoing Intuitive counselling work. I have barely had time to draw breath, let along stop! And roses??? My presence of my blog has been woefully absent, simply because I have been too busy doing things to write about them!

However, this morning I woke early, went out with my camera, and want to share with you the sunrise from across the road where I live.

Below the deck of my neighbour's cottage above the beach are a riotous bank of sweet peas growing in such wild abandon that they made my heart sing...

And I stopped.... and I took a deep breath... and took in the scent of the sweet peas, the freshness of the morning,  the smell of the ocean brought into shore on the high tide, and through it all knew the hope that only a brand new day can bring.

Yes, I am working solidly hard this coming week, and more in the weeks to come, but these precious moments are balm to my soul, and remind me that this is what it is all about... the scent of a sweet pea, the beauty of a sunrise, the sight of the ocean in our backyard, and the time we take to stop, linger and appreciate.

Have a truly wonderful day ~