Shena Meadowcroft is a writer, artist, teacher and Intuitive. Her past teaching experience is as eclectic as her workshop subjects: journaling… intuitive art… self-discovery… to living in balance! Born in England from Scottish and Irish parents, she was brought up in Belgium and has traveled and lived in several places. She has taught through various boards of education and colleges in Alberta and BC, lectured at the University of Calgary, as well as being a guest speaker, teacher and workshop leader for many private organizations and groups throughout Canada, the States and Europe. Her workshops are fun, entertaining, educational and above all, inspiring.

Shena lives and works out of "SoulSpeak Studio" on Gabriola Island, BC.

"Teaching is not about how good I am at any given subject... it's about how good I can get you to be ~ If I can get you to journal... write a book... trust your intuition... or create a piece of art ~ better than I can ~ then I have really done my job!"