Wednesday 22 July 2009

New Home ~ New Work

After a somewhat interesting few months of looking for somewhere to live, finding a great place, and moving temporarily for one month until the new place was available, I'm finally home. I gave myself the month of July to unwind, unpack and settle in, and although I'm not completely there on all three accounts, I am... finally... home. Or as final as a lease in a rental accommodation can get you. And what a beautiful place to call home.

As I sit outside in my little courtyard I see the world anew and try to pick up the threads of where I left off a few months back. Now where was I again? And as I try to remember I realise that that was then, and this is now, and it's not about trying to go back to where I was, because I'm simply not there anymore. I'm here now. And it's not about going back to pick up the threads, it's about making a brand new start... in my new home, in my new way of living my days, and in my new form of work. Starting from here... anew.

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