Thursday 4 March 2010

What is the yearning behind the work that you do?

Books come into our lives for a reason. Often they stay on the shelf patiently for weeks, months or even years, and then call to us urgently, just about the time we are ready to embrace the information within. One such book hailed me recently: Marry your MuseMaking a Lasting Commitment to your Creativity by Jan Phillips.

I couldn't put it down, devouring the insights and suggestions within like the starving artist I aspire not to be. One particular piece of advice wouldn't go away:


With this firmly embedded in my heart, I took a look at my work from a different another angle:

What is it that I never, ever tire of ?

Three things emerged instantaneously:
# 1 Writing in my Journal
I love journaling, its powers of self-discover, truth seeking and healing. I promote it, teach it, use it in my counseling practice, and an writing a book about it. I'd like to design them.

# 2 Working as an Intuitive
This is essentially who I am. I do intuitive sessions, write about intuition, teach how to develop it. My greeting cards and mixed media art strongly reflect that part of me.

# 3 Researching and Writing
I thrive on research. It's what drives me, and the writing is a by product of the research. Even as a youngster I had binders full of information I had gleaned from books or magazines gaining the reputation of "if you wanted to find out about something, ask Shena!"

Lately, I've become more involved in social activism. How would this fit with all of the above? I am persistent in the pursuit of facts, undistorted by the opinions or manipulations of others. It has become increasingly important for me to find out the truth, encouraging others to do the same, and then acting upon it.

So what's the common denominator?

The essence of Journalling is about finding oneself. My whole message as an Intuitive is to support people in remembering who they are and finding themselves again. Research is basically about finding out about things and with that comes knowledge that I bring to my Writing. Finding out the truth and standing up for what I believe in? That would be Social Activism.
So what is the yearning behind what I do? Finding oneself, finding one's truth, remembering who we are, being solid in that knowledge, and acting from that place of knowing. No surprise I start every journaling workshop off with the statement: "Know thyself."

What is the yearning behind your work? What is it that you never tire of? Ask yourself these questions. See what comes up for you… you'll be glad that you did!


Susan said...

You my dear ,are an inspiring writer.
I would love to take one of your workshops. I've lost myself somewhere along the way,I'd love to find "me" again.
thank you for writing that,it really made me stop and think.
Susan Banjavich

CathyH said...

I agree with Susan, very inspiring.