Tuesday 17 August 2010

UnOILed ~ UnspOILed! The UnOILed Coast Quilt Project

It has been several months since my last post entitled: "What is the yearning behind the work that you do?" It comes as no surprise that having actually done the exercises (What me? No, I just teach that stuff...) my life has unfolded in yet another wonderful, magical way.

In June of this year I began working exclusively with what I wanted to do, manifesting what I wrote about in my last post. As life will do I was offered (through a series of twists and turns) an opportunity to get involved as the spokesperson for the Positive Energy Quilters UnspOILed Coast Quilt Project.

Today I found myself featured in a national newspaper article on a group determined to fund-raise to fight for the "No Tankers" campaign here in British Columbia. The article link appears below:

Be careful what you wish for ~ the magic is that it happens!

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