Saturday 1 January 2011

Sowing the "seeds" for a New Year

I started reading, again, the other day, a wonderful book on writing, art… and life called “Soul between the Lines” by Dorothy Randall Gray ~ full of magical ideas and suggestions that you can play with or explore in an organized manner or on a haphazard basis. One of my favorite ideas that she talks about is the concept of collecting “seeds.”

One of Dorothy Randall Gray’s main uses for “seeds” is to read back your work to others, or yourself and collect the “seeds” in your writing ~ those words or phrases that capture your heart and speak to your soul. Another way is to gather “seeds” from random conversations, visual images or personal experience. Then take the "seeds" and let them be the start of a whole new crop of ideas. From these “seeds” a poem, an essay, a painting, a fibre piece, a sculpture can grow forth.
Tonight in a simple, sweet movie that was not necessarily meaningful in any other way I discovered such a “seed” which captured my imagination, and knew that if I choose, a whole new way of thinking could grow  from this. The “seed” was a one liner, a birthday wish to a 21 year old: “Let life come to you.

That is my wish for myself this year, and I share this wish with those of you who pause, upon hearing these simple words, see their potential, and decide to embrace it too. I'm going to gather "seeds," sow them as far and as wide as I can, and let myself grow...



Janet keen Artist, Writer, Photographer, Teacher said...

Hi Sheena Tanks for your comments. I also like your idea of soft scuulptures. Very interesting.
I am doing a series of houses vagely buit not exactly like this in clay and raku fired
in a couple of weeks. I will them mount them and frame them.
Or I may find some other use for them.

Should be good to see how they translate.

Thanlks for communicating with me, it makes my day.

Cheers janet from new Zealand.

Shena Meadowcroft said...

Hi Janet, Thanks for the compliments. I have a friend here on Gabriola who does wonderful raku and is having quite a bit of success with her framed or mounted wall pieces. She has done landscapes and they are quite lovely. Enjoy chatting with you, just bear with me if I take a while sometimes ~ Shena