Monday 25 April 2011

Chocolate Season

While I don't have the tendancy to do anything art related to commemorate any specific occasion, today I just happened to pull together a few items for the sheer fun of it, and put them together in my latest sketchbook.

It all began with a chocolate wrapper that I got off the chocolates I got for Tony a while ago, and the little label my friend Paul had tied on to the little Easter egg he gave us with teeny tiny bunny gingerbread cookies and tiny chocolate eggs inside. 


The strip off the top of my iced tea bottle came next, and the ribbon that tied the label onto the little egg was then added. Three jigsaw pieces had been loitering on my desk since I found them in the bottom of a box of art supplies a friend gave me recently. In peeling off most of the cardboard which backed the pieces, I discovered a whole new collage potential.

A few weeks ago I experimented with "found" poems, this time using newspaper articles. The poem reads as such:

Chocolate Season

sensuous luxury
true believers

exquisitely expressed
spiritual reasoning

'food of the Gods.'

As is often the case, what began as something simple became a social commentary on the confusion that is often created when a festival designated for a specific purpose is overtaken by materialism and consumerism.

Whatever the significance of this holiday weekend holds for you, may it have been a good one ~

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