Wednesday 20 April 2011

Enchanting "Micmacs"

Sometimes you come across a movie that is, quite simply, superb. "Micmacs" is a wonderfully rich piece of work that will delight and enchant you. The attention to detail is second to none and the subtleties too many to absorb in one sitting.

I am lucky enough to speak French fluently and so was able to follow the movie in its original version and thoroughly enjoy the play on words and the poetic use of what is already a beautifully poetic language. I did notice that the English sub-titles were really good.

The director's interview recounts how at the age of 8 he would create puppet shows, and charge his parents to watch! He would also take the View Master spirals, cut out all the pictures and repaste them in completely different order, writing a script to accompany them.

Find a quiet evening, turn off the phone and settle down to linger for a while watching a true work of art. And let yourself be inspired all over again.

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