Friday 13 May 2011

Nhety the netbook

Fondly called “Nhety” my Sony Netbook is, right now, my most prized possession. It’s ridiculously cute, packs more power than both myself and my partner’s computers together, weighs less than my regular purse on any given day, and is by far the best purchase I have made in recent years for my work.

Years ago I was hired for a project that required travelling back and forth doing extensive research. After much deliberation I purchased a laptop which served me beautifully over the next several years as I wrote and published my own, and others, work.

I discovered quickly how much better I wrote on a laptop. I was more focussed. I also wrote better fiction and poetry. Put me in front of a keyboard and the poetry flowed, with very little editing required. Leave me to pen and paper and suddenly I am journalling. My poetry, the rhyming verse of my youth.

What a joy to discover that on this netbook the same thing is happening again. All of a sudden I can’t stop writing and by default, am finding new ideas and concepts to write about.

I have a little notebook where all my writing topics, ideas for blog posts, and class outlines converge and it fits perfectly in the side pocket of my satchel. I have this funky little stick thing that allows me to transfer my files back and forth onto my main computer. And the best thing? I find myself writing sitting up in bed, at cafes, in the line-up for the ferry.

Can’t wait until it’s warm enough to head to the beach…

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