Saturday 25 January 2014

365 Paintings by Niya Christine

In January of 2013, Niya Christine set herself the challenge to paint a watercolour a day, every single day, for the entire year. Her only stipulation was that the painting had to be done in under an hour, and she had to post it on her blog as soon as it was done, regardless of how good or bad it was. She started with the theme "coffee and tea," with the intention of staining her paintings with the beverages. What emerged were a bunch of cheeky coffee beans lazily sunning themselves on the shores of Mexico. Further paintings told other stories and each month a new series was born.

One year later, the challenge met, Niya is publishling her work. The book not only contains the 365 paintings that were accomplished, but detailed notes on the process of building a long-lasting and productive creative practice. Within it are principles and creative-thinking approaches that she hopes will be useful to any body of work.

Niya has turned to crowdfunding to fund a limited edition book print run for the full color beautiful book she has in mind, including practices, tools and her story.

Here is a video of the kickstarter program in question. There are many different ways to help fund this amazing project and I hope that you would consider doing so. If nothing else, let's help Niya get the word out there, because this is one inspiring piece of work that we are all going to want to have on our shelves as soon as possible!

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